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We know using sunscreen is important to prevent skin damage and protect against cancer.Consumer Reports sensory experts were given the task of smelling and rubbing different sunscreens on their skin to find the ones that are more pleasing to the senses.Consumer Reports put...

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Before you spray your kids with sunscreen, Consumer Reports has a warning.Consumer Reports did find some sunscreens that aced the tests and are a good value.In preparation for the sunniest of seasons, Consumer Reports recently tested 34 different sunscreen products to see if the sun protection factor strength claimed on.A new warning from Consumer Reports -- that your sunscreen may not be providing as much protection as you think.Consumer Reports: Putting Sunscreens to the Test. Consumer Reports included several sunscreens that contain minerals as.After testing 22 spray-on, cream and lotion sunscreens, Consumer Reports gave top honors to the least-expensive products.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Responds to 2016 Consumer Sunscreen Guides Released by Consumer Reports and The Environmental Working Group (EWG).When shopping for sunscreen, SPF (sun protection factor) is usually an important feature for consumers.No-Ad Sunblock Lotion SPF 45 is almost as good and costs far less.

The Best Sunscreens for Your Face, According to Consumer Reports.The organization recommends not using spray sunscreens on children until.Sunscreen is essential to guard against sunburn, skin damage and cancer.Once applied to the skin, they left only a slight amount of residue.

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Solutions for insomnia without side effects: Consumer Reports One out of four of us say we have trouble sleeping.Consumer Reports slathered, sprayed and rolled on 65 sunscreens with SPF claims of 30 or higher for its 2016 Sunscreen Guide. (The Canadian Dermatology Association.Consumer Reports investigated 65 sunscreen lotions, sprays and sticks with an SPF of at least 30 - the minimum level recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.Consumer Reports tested 34 lotions and sprays to see whether they deliver what they claim.

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Most dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen that delivers an SPF or sun protection factor.Their tests found popular brands performed significantly below their advertised sun.

Parents are being warned to stop using spray sunscreens on children following an FDA investigation into potential inhalation risks.Sunscreen is essential to prevent sunburns and skin cancer, but do consumers know how well the solution is really protecting them.


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Consumer Reports looked at varieties of sunscreens to find out which ones worked best.Consumer Reports tested 60 lotions, sprays, and sunscreen sticks to see if they lived up to their Sun Protection Factor (SPF) claims.Consumer Reports is telling parents to avoid using spray sunscreen on children until the FDA completes an investigation about their potential safety risks.

Nearly a third of sunscreens tested by Consumer Reports fell short of the promised SPF protection, missing the mark by anywhere from 16% to 70%, according.

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If the beach is in your plans this Memorial Day, Consumer Reports wants to remind you to slather on the sunscreen.Consumer Reports only tested eight different kinds of facial sunscreens, and none of them ranked as high as the top body lotions and spray.Consumer Reports is warning parents to not use spray sunscreen on children, for now.

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The Food and Drug Administration and Consumer Reports have issued a warning about the dangers of certain spray-on sunscreens for children.Consumer Reports sensory panelists found that the facial sunscreens tested had little or no odor.

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A survey from Consumer Reports found that even people who regularly.From Consumer Reports Health: Almost every tested sunscreen contains some.